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This picture of Saharian Camels had been used as the backdrops of a recent theatrical performance entitled Aladin and The Magical Lamp (Aladin dan Pelita Ajaib). The grounds for this theater based entirely in the glorious years of Baghdad's Kingdom. Posted as a props manager as well as publication's photographer for this production, it was the author's memorable industrial training.

The theatre Aladin and The Magical Lamp comprised of 20 characters and 14 backstage crews. The theater was practiced as an aristocrat legacy of Malay Kings so called the Teater Bangsawan Bintang Timur; popularized by the local legend Mr Rahman B. The theater's stage was half automatic and half manual. The most painstaking process was during the changes of scenes where many backdrops and cyclops were raised and lowered manually. Albeit the hardship and conundrums swallowed by fellow crews, the performance itself had brought gross interesting experiences... especially well to the author, himself.

Fortunately next year, I will be doing my final project. The Semester 6 Theatrical Project. This project is assumed as the most desirable forasmuch as I have been waiting so long to make it happens until to this very moment. Firstly, I had been forwarding two scripts including Singing Cello (Cello Menyanyi) for the lecturer's consideration. Where many aspects of considerable handicap had been judged as major, such as less participation of junior students (because of their time-consuming assignments and other projects), stringent budgets and shorter time frame for extended practice and rehearsal, therefore the monologue has been chosen as wise for performance.

The Beggar's Wish (Impian Pengemis) is a story about a struggling man who wants to save his ailing mother. Because of his undivided love for his mother, he had striven with every opportunity life has had for him to buy the best medicine and nutritious food for her. Modulating from one life to another, he had approached for careers thought as '4 lives'. These four careers had been labeled as Salesman (Penjual Kain), Musician (Pemuzik), The Unrequited Romeo (Romeo Tak Laku) and Betting On Chances (Berjudi Nasib). Lastly after exhaustively gotten through all these career paths, can't he save his mother? ... Please be informed for its performance's venue by 09h April, 2010 and 10th April, 2010.Theatrically speaking, The Beggar's Wish is assumed as neo-realism with the addition of absurdity. Originally written and prepared by me, this monologue took 1 1/2 month to its completion. Just like Gustavus Vasa (a play by August Strindberg) and Strife (a play by John Galsworthy), the story narrates the practicality of continuous search and learning. The Beggar's Wish albeit humorist, not like the other monologues, it has the sense of seminar-type lecture rather than bombastic throws of words and crazy actions on stage. Though there maybe scholars who assume this story as bits of narration of real soap-operatic experience, but in it has every rudiment of scholarly principal and education that I would very much like to share with the audiences. Few intervals between the 4 main careers are filled with solo singing and acoustic guitar playing. ... Please be informed for its performance's venue by 09h April, 2010 and 10th April, 2010.

Although this poster is just the beginning layout of the ongoing process of making the theatrical performance, it has some sorts of touch up and modification later onwards by creative crews.

Beginning of the following dates of 06th January, 2011, 13th January, 2011, 20th January, 2011 are the sequence of prime meetings with selected crew members; of which consists 6 students of theater (Semester 4th), 3 students of theater (Semester 3rd), 3 students of theater (1st/junior), 8 students from the media, broadcasting and public relation.

The agendas of the meeting was definitely defining the building of paperwork of procedures (for sponsorship's, seeking the rights of public establishment by the CEO (of college) and the Dean of STMS, seeking the mutual understanding and permission of the stated venues regarded as possible for performance). Casually speaking, the undertakings of the paperwork were carried out by the Production's Director (Miss Anastaia Badarol Sam/Chichi) and the Stage Manager (Muhamad Firdaus Asmadi); including the author of the script cum the sole actor (i.e. me) of whom at the outset had successfully built the basic outline of the paperwork. Few other things that was mentioned and discussed in this meetings were the set's raw planfliers' design (estimated to be 300 pcs for 3 states distribution including Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan), the miscellaneous props and 5 sets/pcs costumes together with the music outline and accidental music accompaniment.

The overall budget that has been proposed in the 1st meeting was within the amount of RM11,884.00 and later onwards deeply reduced to RM8,981.00 after cutting many factors; including the reduction of set's and properties' equipments and accessories, makeup's equipments, the publication's expenses (such as the trips and the costs of life-broadcasting through TV and radio network plus national newspapers), crew's meals along the process of the showcase and rapid transportation's services. Together with the opinions and advices given exclusively by our lecturers, this reduced amounts will be forwarded for the search of mutual sponsorship. The production's target for this mutual sponsorship inclusive the corporate figuresgovernment's agenciespublic listed companies, and forthright the caring public as well. Every sponsorship's benefit gotten and used from the stated sponsors will be emboldened/highlighted in the theater's publicized program's books (10 to 12 pages; A4 size); i.e. in the forms of their business/individual entitlement as well as logos and addresses.

The possible venue targeted for this public performances of The Monologue Theater Beggar's Wish/Impian Pengemis is either (1) The main/secondary auditorium of Taman Budaya, Malacca, (2) The public space at the State Library of Malacca, (3) The main hall/auditorium of UiTM Bandaraya Melaka, (4) The main/secondary auditorium of Taman Budaya, Negeri Sembilan or (5) The main auditorium of Taman Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. Dependable of the achievable sponsor's outcome, these venues may be approached either by mutual sponsor by the state government's organization or included in the budget as subjected to rental costs and fees.

And beginning of 18th January, 2011 was the ongoing process of acting practices. Inclusive in the acting practices were stretching exercises, face's exercises, vocal and articulation's exercises, dramatic movement and actions. All 4 lives plus introduction and outro/ending were divided into different practical sessions and conducted by an Acting Director (Mr Azrul Razilah), Stage Manager and 2 supporting crews.

Unconditionally, the performance will begin by this 08th and 09th April, 2011.

Gambar di atas adalah pemandangan pentas di Auditorium Kampus UiTM Bandar Melaka. Dan untuk setakat ini (25/02/2011) latihan teater secara tertib dengan bantuan pengarah En. Azrul Razilah sudahpun berjalan selama 1 1/2 bulan; 2 jam sehari (9:00pm - 11:00pm), 4 kali seminggu (Isnin, Selasa, Rabu dan Khamis) berserta 3 jam tambahan kerja rumah (yakni latih tubi di kediaman Asrama Peringgit).

Apa yang pasti setakat ini, proses pencarian penganjur sedang giat dijalankan oleh Pengarah Projek iaitu Cik Laheera Anastasia Badarol Sam dan Pelakon sendiri iaitu saya baik melalui e-mail, SMS, dan juga secara 'live'. Dan setakat ini juga (dari 01 Januari, 2011 sehingga 24 Februari, 2011) masih belum ada tanda-tanda kewujudan para penganjur yang betul-betul mahu menganjur persembahan Teater Monolog Impian Pengemis ini yang berjumlah RM9736.00. Dan mengikut nasihat pensyarah dan ketua Jabatan Teater STMS, jika skop keseluruhan pembiayaan sebanyak RM9736.00 tidak berupaya untuk dilunasi, maka langkah kedua ialah dengan mencari pembiyaan yang kurang dari 30% dari jumlah tersebut: yakni RM6815.00. Ataupun setidak-tidaknya sebanyak RM5,000.00. Ini memandangkan sewa panggung yang mahal seperti Auditorium Kampus UiTM, Bandaraya Melaka iaitu sebanyak RM1,800 sehari. Dan jika dikali dengan 3 hari penggunaannya termasuk proses bump-in dan bump-out sekali, maka jumlah keseluruhannya mungkin akan menjangkau RM5,400.00. Justeru itu, adalah munasabah jika kos asalnya ditetapkan pada kadar RM9736.00 yang merangkumi sewaan pentas (RM5,400.00), Kebajikan 15 orang produksi (RM1,500), kelengkapan dan proses pengiklanan (RM1,450), Sewaan kenderaan dan lain-lainnya (RM1,386).

Oleh yang demikian, pengutaraan pencarian penganjur dan pembiaya akan merangkumi ahli-ahli dan badan-badan korporat tempatan. Pihak-pihak berkenaan akan dihubungi secara e-mail, SMS dan juga faksimili selain lawatan sebenar ke pejabat badan-badan korporat tempatan yang bersetuju untuk menjadi penganjur pementasan Teater Monolog Impian Pengemis ini. Apa yang yang dapat dipersetujui berkenaan keuntungan yang akan diperolehi oleh pihak-pihak penganjur ialah logo-logo syarikat mereka akan disenaraikan di dalam set-set pengiklanan produksi termasuk buku program, flyers, poster dan banner. Tetapi keuntungan yang sebenarnya ialah mereka akan dapat melihat suatu persembahan teater monolog muzikal terbaru oleh penuntut Kolej Antarabangsa Yayasan Melaka; yang juga boleh diketengahkan ke persada teater dan drama antarabangsa. Ini kerana penulis skrip ini ada juga menyediakan skrip yang sama di dalam versi Bahasa Inggeris.


Kerajaan Negeri Melaka

En. Mohamad Nawawi b. Saad
Dekan, Sekolah Teknologi Media dan Seni


En. Mohd Zamri b. Mohamad
Ketua Kursus, Jabatan Seni Teater
Sekolah Teknologi Media dan Seni (SMART)

En. Hassan b. Motalip – Muhammad Firdaus Sidek
Cik Zaleha bte. Ahmat – Laheera Anastasia Badarol Sam

Cik Natrah bte. Abd Ghani
En. Abd Malik b. Daud
En. Soh Wuu Shyong
En. Rizauddin b. Romainor
En. Razlan b. Razak
En. Wan Iqhmal Hisham b. Wan Hamzah
En. Zainuddin b. Awang Kechil
Pn. Suhaiza bte. Sumadi
Pn. Sarimah bte. Ismail
Cik Nurul Haiyu Shahidah bte. Norddin


Jabatan Seni Teater
Sekolah Teknologi Media Dan Seni (SMART)
KYM International (KAYM)

Muhammad Firdaus b. Sidek

PELAKON & PEMUZIK : Muhammad Firdaus b. Sidek

Nur Rashidah bte. Rashid

Shafiqa Bt. Makawi
Naziatul Yazrin

Muhammad Firdaus b. Sidek

PENGANGKUTAN :Mohd Shahril Mohd Sani
Mohd Aizat Mohammad

Syaza Nurizzaty Nawawi
Hadzir Hadi Hazman

Norhidayah Abdul Kadir
Nur Ain Nabila Mohd Zapin
Leticia Edna Luis


PENGURUS PRODUKSI : Laheera Anastasia bte. Badarol Sam

PENULIS SKRIP : Muhammad Firdaus b. Sidek

PENGARAH LAKONAN : En Mohd Azrul Razilah

PENGURUS PENTAS : Mohd Firdaus Asmadi b. Mohd Jiwa

Norhan Fahmi b. Ahmad Mahmud
Nur Fitri Shahida bte. Norazmin

Nur Farhana bte. Herman
Nor Hafiza Rahman

Mohd Ehsan Mohd Amin

REKAAN PROPS : Nurul Izzati bt Nasarudin

PENCAHAYAAN : Mohd Hanif b.Latiff

AUDIO : Ahmad Hanif b.Husaini

Izzati Hazirah bte Mohd Ali
Mohd Faiz b. Mohd Saman
Mohd Syawal b. Mohd Ali
Muhammad Faizal b. M. Lutfi
Muhammad Zulfadzli b. Mohd Jaafar
Nurzuhaidar Bte Norddin

PERHUBUNGAN AWAM :Muhammad Amir Bin Mohd Noor
Kristy Walter K Kaling

Izzati Hazirah bte Mohd Ali
Nur Farhana Izzeti bte. Rosli

JURUKAMERA : Mohd Hilmi Mastuki

JURUGAMBAR : Mohamad Sajjeddin Saddam

Mohammad Azim Abu Hasim
Muhammad Nasrullah Khalid
Nur Maizatul Akma Nasri
Nurul Adlin Ahmad
Siti Nasihah Hairak
Siti Aisyah Zainon
Gelmadia bte Sofyan

Mengikut En. Azrul Razilah selaku pengarah lakonan teater monolog ini, sebilangan besar kandungan skrip asal sudah diubah suai bagi memperlihatkan kepelbagaian 'mood' lakonan dan perwatakan yang pelbagai sepanjang cerita ini. Justeru itu, pelakon harus mempelbagaikan aksi-aksi dan jenis-jenis watak yang berhubungkait di dalam skrip tersebut. Di dalam skrip ini kedapatan 5 watak wanita (iaitu Mak Watak Utama, Pembeli 1, Pembeli 2, Penduduk Setempat 1, Maswati dan Viva Lalara) dan 3 watak lelaki (jurujual, pemuzik, pencinta wanita dan pemain judi). Di dalam proses mempelbagaikan watak-watak ini, pelakon telah banyak membuat kajian melalui tontonan filem-filem lama seperti Seniman Bujang Lapok, Ibu Mertuaku, Roshomon (filem Jepun 1952), Mr Bean dan Casino Jack. Selain dari itu buku-buku rujukan juga dipelajari melalui buku-buku tulisan Stanilavski dan Anton Chekov.

Manakala tempat-tempat strategik persembahan yang telah dikenal pasti termasuk:

(A) Dewan Serbaguna - Kolej Antarabangsa Yayasan Melaka (07hb April, 2011 dan 09hb April, 2011) Hari berkenaan jatuh pada: Hari Jumaat dan Sabtu

Kisahnya! Marilah sama-sama kita menjayakan persembahan bertenaga ini kelak.

Brief Note: Due to some changes made by lecturers and advertising experts,
there is some amendments to the logos especially the new look of Government of Malacca and SMARTof which symbol represents new identity of STMS (School of Media and Art). Alongside with these amendments are the venue's dates which were recently pulled a day earlier to
Thursday (07/04/2011) and Saturday (09/04/2011) respectively.

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