Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ido Firadyanie Orchestral Music and 1st Album

Below Are Several Pieces of Ido Firadyanie's Opuses

My 1st Attempt to Orchestrate My Guitar's Theme with Merlimau Variation

My 1st Orchestral Piece - Etude in A Minor
[in 3 Short Movements:  Allargando - Adagio - Andantino]

Ifan Merlimau Variation's Vivace for Guitar and Violoncello/Cello
[Type of illustrated Fugue but in very simple style]

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Poster Terbaru Monolog Impian Pengemis

Brosur Mukasurat Belakang (Theater's Brochure Rear Page) (Edited by 22/03/2011)
Complete Edition HTML (04/04/2011)

Brosur Mukasurat Hadapan (Theater's Brochure Front Page) (Edited 23/04/2011)

Poster Utama Teater Monolog Impian Pengemis (1st./Original Composition 18 -21/03/2011)

Poster di atas boleh dikatakan 85% siap. Sebarang perubahan akan dimasukkan ke dalam turutan blog yang baru/terkini.