Beggar's Wish Ongoing Schedules: The Training Processes

 Photo:  The Props of Wau in The Painstaking
Process of Creation

 Photo 2:  "I believe this is my temporary place of survival."
65th day of practise with guitar and broom

 Photo 3:  "Dare you chase me away!  May this curse of KYM chair
shall wisely be casted upon ye! (30th day of theatrical practise)

 Photo 4:  Don't you think that I'm a handsome man?
Actually I'm a handsome actor. Only that I'm less recognizable.
 Photo 5:  Thinking of what to do in Teater Siti Zulaikha's production?

 Photo 6:  You see out there... I craft this frame of Wau all by myself.

Photo 7:  Yes ma'am!  I've yet to beautify my gracious Wau.  The Malay kite.

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